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Add a logo to your Navigation

Adding a logo to your Pixel Mega Menu for WordPress is really simple, we made our plugin for WordPress simple and easy to use.

Navigate to Admin -> Appearance -> Menus

Once you are on the WordPress navigation editor page, from the same place you would add a new link, towards the bottom select extras dropdown, and drag and drop the logo widget into the menu at any desired position.

Upload your logo

to upload you logo, simply click the upload logo image button as shown in the screenshot below.


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Enable Custom Button Icons

Adding icons to your WordPress menu items is really easy with PixelMega Menu, its as simple as clicking a few buttons and you’re away!

Open the PixelMenu Dropdown Manager


Select the button Tab

Once you have selected the button tab, enable button icons and select the icon you wish to display


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Changing PixelMenu Dropdown Animations

We included the option to control individual drop down animations so you can create amazing mega menus for WordPress that have their own personality.

To get started follow the below instructions.

  1. Navigate to Admin > appearance > menus
  2. Select the dropdown item you would like to change the animation for and click the blue button labeled PixelMenu
  3. Go to the animations tab on the left side
  4. Check the ‘override default animation’ checkbox
  5. Once this has been selected a new option field will appear with various animations you can select.
  6. Hit save and check the frontend of your website to view the change
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Edit PixelMenu design in WordPress admin

Foreach menu assigned to a location, you have the ability to control the designs options on a per navigation basis, allowing you to create unlimited WordPress mega-menus with their own unique designs.

Head over to appearance > menus and select the options button as shown in the screenshot below.


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How to Enable PixelMenu for WordPress

Out of the box, when you first install PixelMenu Mega Menu for WordPress, it will be disabled and not overwrite any of the default code already present in your theme.

To get started simply follow the instructions below:

Navigate to Admin > appearance > menus

Once there, you will need to open the menus global options, as shown in the screenshot below


Select the enable pixelmenu checkbox


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Get Started: Install PixelMenu

Installing PixelMenu Mega Menu for WordPress is as simple as installing any other WordPress plugin, Follow the simple instructions below to install PixelMenu and start making beautiful mega menus for WordPress

  1. Navigate to admin -> plugins
  2. Click ‘add new’ at the top of the page
  3. In the new section that appears after clicking add new, select browse and locate the zip folder you downloaded from CodeCanyon after buying our plugin
  4. Click Upload
  5. Once uploaded, activate the plugin
  6. Enable PixelMenu

NOTE: If you have FTP access to your web server, you can upload the plugin directly into ./wp-content/plugins/

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